19th July | The Lanes

Boogarins have been described as a new wave of psychedelic Brazilian rock. If you managed to catch their live KEXP set in 2016, then it will have cemented some kind of wondrous psychedelic sound in your mind, as a result of their instrumental raptures.

They sing in Portuguese, but if your Portuguese isn’t up to scratch, think as one YouTube member says about them: “Don’t know what they’re saying. Even though I don’t speak Portuguese, I enjoy it.” That is backed up by: “No hipster dipshit whispering behind a synth here. Great chops, love the psych element, brave compositions, emotive and real.”

It’s cool to watch their new album, Sombrou Dúvida visually work itself into people’s consciousness, with their new music videos of dislodged live shows and their own photography. And those white suits on ‘Invenção.’ With trance-like rhythms, mixed into a mash of the Portuguese language, you will get caught up in tracks such as ‘Dislexia ou Transe/ Passeio’ on the new album. It thrives in a multitude of layers of hypnotic elements. Small translation from this song from Portuguese: “I do not inhabit anyone.” Yes you do, Boogarins.

See the video for Invenção here: