Braids — Mini Skirt | Video


“I’m not a man-hater, I enjoy them like cake.” This is just one of many lyrical gems that can be found in Braids‘ dark and poetic ‘Mini Skirt’.

Part indie dream-pop, part chillwave, but always brimming with substance, Braids again cut through the monotony of pop songwriting — I love you so much baby-girl, etc — with a strong premise. Where ‘Sore Eyes’ looked at pornography and sexuality, and ‘Warm Like Summer’ took a rather mindful and astute view of dying relationships, this is Braids’ overt feminist offering.

Raphaelle Standell-Preston’s sharp observations are, aptly, cradled by sparse production. Amidst the sombre piano-work and obtuse synths, this transmuting trio even border on future pop, sitting well with some of the quite regal imagery in the accompanying video (below) and once again disturbing the assumed depth and breadth of an act who’ve slowly become one of Canada’s most notable ‘new music’ exports.

It’s bittersweet to find an artist with ‘something to say’ in 2015; a wave of elation followed by remembering that it’s the sad state of affairs currently which make something seemingly standard become downright noteworthy. But while many an artist save their gambling for the card table (perhaps like this one), here is a band taking a chance on everything they do — and the results are sublime.

Check out the video right here: