Breakfast Records 3rd Birthday Party // Photoset

21st April | Rough Trade

We recently wished happy third birthday to Breakfast Records. Whereas the average three-year-old can do things like dress themselves, feed themselves and early-years backseat driving, Breakfast have always been massively advanced for their age. Indeed, it often feels like they’ve been going longer, so much as there part of the fabric of the Bristol music scene.

Parties can be curious things. They’re essentially intended for joy, but can often flair into heightened emotions, so it was apt that there were plenty of smiles from performers happy to be there (and audience alike), while many of the highly-engaging songs carried that emotive force and curious human tension that often bubbles away under the surface of the average party. Thanks to Katy J PearsonBlackabyLangkamer and Katie Pham & The Moonbathers, we didn’t need cake or a party bag at the end. We’d been sufficiently rewarded. Duncan Cruickshank came away with extra – this photoset.

See the video to ‘Java Lava’ by Katie Pham & The Moonbathers here: