14th September | Thekla

Gigs come in all shapes and sizes, and cater to a range of tastes. Sometimes you’ll go to a tremendous show, one that fills you up and gives you that oomph, like a full English breakfast. Other times, a gig might feel like a bowl of soggy cornflakes – think about the cover band that busts out ‘Sweet Child O’ Mine’ and ‘Sex on Fire’ every weekend at your hometown pub.

What we’re trying to get across through this frankly clumsy metaphor is that Breakfast Records’ Breakfest is set to the be a full-on, no limits breakfast buffet when it comes to gigs. Featuring fifteen stellar bands across two stages – all housed within the oh-so-iconic Thekla – it’s going to have something for just about everyone.

Since its inception just over three years ago, Breakfast Records has acted as a platform for countless talented musicians from Bristol and beyond. The label has dabbled in a range of genres, from the woozy folksiness of Kate Stapley to the reverb-drenched indie-rock of Nicholson Heal. The one thing that unites all the music the label puts out is just how good it is. Founders Dan and Josh have an unbridled passion for great music and it shines through in every release Breakfast Records puts out.

Breakfest is a perfectly timed hurrah for Breakfast Records and the Bristol music scene as a whole. It’s set to feature a slew of great acts, split across a quieter upstairs stage and a louder downstairs one. And to return to that breakfast buffet bit, there’ll be something for everyone. Looking for a deft balance of killer riffs and soft melodies? Then check out wych elm. Or are you more into heart-wrenching and melancholic ballads? Then there’s Rebecka Reinhard.

And that’s only scratching the surface. Frank & Beans, Los Bitchos, Langkamer, Holiday Ghosts, GORK… We could gush about each of the fifteen bands playing in turn, but you’re better off checking them out yourself. All of them are more than worth the very modest price of admission.

Do your ears a favour and make sure you’re in the crowd for Breakfest. We’re pretty sure you’ll stumble across your new favourite band while you’re there. You can thank us later.

See wych elm play their recent In Stereo Session here: