BRIDGES | Full Interview


The crowd on that day opened our eyes to a potential we didn’t realise we had; and the next day we became BRIDGES.

So ‘Ballgowns’ is out on 30th November, what did you want to get out of this new string of tracks?

Ultimately we wanted to capture a more honest representation of our new sound. It’s an ever-evolving thing as you’d expect, and having added a new member in the last year a lot of avenues had been opened up when it came to writing. We hit the studio on the way back from supporting Little Matador in spring and spent two days solid at Modern World producing what we feel are the best three tracks we’ve recorded so far. The legendary John Dent has since mastered the tracks and we’ve been working with VRG Productions to create some beautiful cinematic partners to our music. We’re certainly proud of what we’ve achieved and excited to see how everyone receives our new work.

A few things hit us immediately about BRIDGES; romantic overtones, whimsical structures — what sorts of things influence the songwriting?

The writing process for us has definitely been shaped by our eclectic influences, but it’s fair to say that our surroundings have also played their part. Our songs are usually fully realised before we all get together and work on them, which is largely due to us having spent the past couple years in different corners of the country, at university, and consequently having to adapt our songwriting methods to overcome this.

And getting it all out there has been a DIY affair?

The DIY ethic is definitely something we’ve embraced. Money and resources, as for many independent artists, is scarce and we’re incredibly grateful to have such talented friends, family and fans that have helped us progress to where we are. Any part of the process that we can be involved in, we strive to be. We love being in control of our artistic direction and work every day on bringing the band to new people.

Any part of the process that we can be involved in, we strive to be.

You guys have even been instrumental in starting UATM, what brought that on?

UATM [Unite All Through Music] was an idea that Ethan [vocals] put together, a collective formed between the bands we were meeting around Bristol. It’s going really well right now, with a monthly residency at The Louisiana it’s great to see the collective growing with each event. We actually played it ourselves for the first time last month, with our friends in ALULA and Signals, which was awesome and we’re all looking forward to celebrating its success at UATM 10. There are lots of exciting plans in the works to keep the collective growing, so hopefully it is something we’ll remain a part of in the future.

And you were playing together for years before BRIDGES took its true shape, what made you decide to take it all seriously?

The three of us met in college and started playing together because we each wanted to try something different to the bands we were in at the time. Up until we played an opening slot at Beach Break 2012, we didn’t realise we were producing music people could relate to. We were the first band of the festival so weren’t expecting a large turn out, but the heavens opened and before we knew it the tent was full of drunken revellers escaping the rain. Around halfway through our set the weather dried up, but everyone stayed with us for the remainder, giving a kind of enthusiasm we’d not experienced before; our meagre supply of merchandise couldn’t keep up with the demand. The crowd on that day opened our eyes to a potential we didn’t realise we had; and the next day we became BRIDGES.

Amazing. And you kick off your tour this month with a set at our November issue party on 14th! Excited as us?

We honestly can’t wait, it’s a pleasure to be playing! The week following the BLM show we’re off on tour to promote the release ‘Ballgowns’. We love being on the road so we’re excited to be returning to some of our favourite cities. We’re also planning ‘pop up screenings’ for the next run of videos, ‘Ballgowns’ plus two singles next year, which we’ve worked with VGR productions to put together — so keep your eyes open around Bristol for signs of that!

Check out ‘Ballgowns’ right here: