Bristol Because with Rob McGee, Electric Harmony

Photo: Ania Shrimpton

When did you first move to Bristol?

I first moved to Bristol – *scrolls through FaceBook* – eight years ago, in 2010! I think. Straight into a beautiful apartment in the awesome Stokes Croft.

Who’s your top Bristol artist at the moment?

One? I can’t pick just one… sorry! Agency acts aside (as that’s bias) it would have to be IDLES, Elder Island, LICE, Youth & Soeur. Oh and The Gnarwhals! I cannot understand how these guys haven’t blown up yet… Their NYE show was just incredible. We all say it, but we really are very lucky in Bristol to have so many talented musicians – these acts and so many more are killing it. City of legends.

What are your favourite eats around town?

Vegan alert. The Stables do a pretty mean vegan pizza which always goes down well. And how can you say no to a cheeky Biblos? Small Bar on Kings Street also do some damn good vegan eats that I recommend! Also had my first OOWEE burger the other day…. My god. Just go!

What’s your favourite thing about the city?

The legends that live in it. We’re a pretty awesome city and it’s only getting better I think. Love that you can walk just about anywhere in Bristol and it really takes no time at all.

And your least favourite?

Struggle to find what I dislike about Bristol to be completely honest with you… although the spiders, I mean, they’re getting bigger right?! We had one in the office a few weeks back. I worked elsewhere until it disappeared. It was the size of my face. HELL!

What are you most excited about for Electric Harmony in 2018?

Good question! Growing even more as an independent company and expanding the family. Every year is different for EH and it gets more and more exciting as each day passes, so really, I’m just excited that we’re still going and pushing forwards! Really excited for the following coming up though… Harvey Causon at Crofters Rights with Puma Blue (23/02), Lazy Day at The Louisiana (10/03), Rozelle at Crofters Rights (23/03), Goan Dogs at Thekla (31/03) and all the exciting releases for the coming months!

Electric Harmony is an independent booking agency, now supporting acts from Bristol and beyond for over six years. More at: