Photo: Sarah Gray

We talk to our favourite bands about all things Bristol, from food to favourite bands. This month: Dan Lane of Goan Dogs.

When did you first move to Bristol?

Born and bred, each and every one. Most of us went to school together at some point in time and the rest is history!

What was the last gig you went to here?

Bill, our bassist, went to see American folk legend, Cath Bloom at All Hallows Hall. Her band consisted of members of the support bands, which is an interesting way to do it. It was a good show!

Who’s your top Bristol band / artist at the moment?

Of course we’re digging Idles, who isn’t?! We’ve seen them a couple to times recently and they’re just putting on the best shows at the moment. We’re really into the Evil Usses and Cousin Kula, too. Both of whom, although completely different (to each other and everybody else) are doing really cool things live. Excellent fun to go and watch. Official recommendation.

How would you describe the music scene here?

It feels like it’s getting the recognition it deserves since trip-hop died, which is great. It’s pretty varied, which I think is demonstrated well by us and the three bands we just mentioned. There’s some great stuff coming out of our little city and it seems as though people are starting to sit up and take notice again.

What’s your favourite thing about the city?

It’s hard to say, but we’re all still here. There’s something in the air…

And your least favourite?

The endless talk about how good the city is in the media and various polls, then the resulting increase in people moving here, driving up the cost of living and bringing down the sense of community and diversity. An inescapable irony maybe.

Where are the best eats around town?

Sunday mornings at Katie and Kim’s is just the best thing ever. In fact, Picton street is where it’s at! Take a visit and fill your belly.

Thanks to Goan Dogs drummer, Dan Lane. Having made a fuss with recent single ‘Flying Business Class’, the band are currently plotting and planning their next release.

Check out ‘Flying Business Class’ right here: