We talk to our favourite people about all things Bristol, from food to favourite bands. This month: Joe & Adrian of Howling Owl Records.

When did you first move to Bristol?

Both of us moved here in January 2011. A lot of people say this is when music in Bristol first started…

What was the last gig you went to here?

Hazy Lark at a Semi Peppered club night.

Who’s your top Bristol band / artist at the moment?

Objectively and subjectively: Giant Swan.

How would you describe the music scene here?

All-encompassing, one day all-conquering.

What’s your favourite thing about the city?

The fact that we have been enabled to do what we want for the past five years as a label and can’t see it stopping anytime soon, thanks to the endless stream of progression flowing from the city’s musical loins.

And your least favourite?

Nothing that any other city doesn’t have to deal with…

What’s your biggest achievement as a label so far?

Selling out the Arnolfini three years in a row with New Year / New Noise and introducing people all over the world to the acts we work with. We can and will do more!

Thanks to Joe and Adrian. Howling Owl have releases from Milo’s Planes and Taos Humm on the horizon, as well as a load of events to commiserate their 5th Birthday at the start of August. Details can be found here.