When did you move to Bristol?

Five years ago, and since then a lot of important people in my life have gravitated here too – it’s really great. Jack, who co-founded Be Softly with Finn and me and masterminded the Be Softly spoken word projects, is still in Liverpool. Once he’s here we’ll reach peak mates.

Who’s your top Bristol artist at the moment?

Emily Isherwood. Her performance at the Harbour Festival in 2017 floored me – so fragile and moving. I hope we’ll work together on something this year – I’ll keep hassling her.

What are your go-to places to eat and drink?

The Hillgrove – best Japanese food, best beer. I always shazam the shit out of whatever they’re playing in there too. Full Court Press – best coffee, worst music. Mostly All Saints.

What’s the perfect way to spend a day here?

Get immersed in something creative and don’t leave the house.

What’s your favourite thing about the city?

There’s just enough people and diversity that weird stuff survives, but small enough that’s it’s friendly, familiar with a strong feeling of community.

And your least favourite?

I wish there was more art. With Arnolfini out of action for the time being, Spike Island is the only contemporary gallery that we have. Maybe one day Be Softly will branch out into a gallery space; I’d love that.

Any top venues?

The Louisiana has a special place in my heart. It’s run by such great people. Thekla’s super immersive, and Crofter’s has been sounding really good lately. We saw our old mates Acoda there recently and it was pure heft. Lorenzo was on sound – man’s a wizard.

What exactly is Be Softly, and what will we see from you this year?

This year we’re working on a super exciting spoken word project with one of our favourite authors in the world. We also have a bunch of other releases out via Be Softly’s label arm – the first will be a couple of techno tracks by Stefan Goodchild, who has also just shot and edited a music video for the Poisonous Birds song ‘Big Water’. There’ll also be more events. As I’m writing this we’re a couple of days out from our first major show at The Louisiana – we’ve got a couple more in the planning stages.

Jack has also just launched neutralspaces.co – a platform for the indie writing community to host their work on. I’d argue it’s already become the best place on the internet to read the cutting edge of literature, and it’s growing daily.

Be Softly is a self-sufficient record label, event promoter and most recently a monthly radio show.

See the video for Poisonous Birds’ ‘Schwer II’, released on Be Softly, here: