Bristol newcomers Ålesund build anticipation for their 24th Feb live debut with a choice rework of Radiohead’s ‘Talkshow Host’, performed at St Thomas the Martyr Church.

The 200-year-old space makes a fitting backdrop for their subtle-yet-powerful soundscapes, with the band’s arrangement prowess and Alba Torriset’s formidable voice converging to bring tentative new life to a cult favourite.

Torriset [Toyface] had been playing under previous moniker, ALBA, with Lloyd Starr [Madilan], Paul Hopkins [Little Thief and more] and Jai Widdowson-Jones [Hannah Williams and the Affirmations] for some time, before new material prompted a rebirth as Ålesund, with a debut EP due early this year.

The band play St John The Baptist Church on 24th Feb.

Check out ‘Talkshow Host’ below, shot by BLM in Session co-creators, Blacklight Productions, and produced by Jake Bright [Kate Stapley, Doeray and more]: