9th December | Roll for the Soul

With warm, melodic vocals drifting amongst layers of hazy guitar hooks, Bruising have a knack for creating consistently great and infectiously nonchalant grunge-pop. Ever since their first fuzzy, feedback-filled track ‘Honey’ surfaced over a year ago the Leeds based four-piece have gone from strength to strength with their most recent single ‘I Don’t Mind’ – providing a reassuringly earnest expression of love by way of Naomi Baguley’s distinctively dreamy voice.

Whilst there’s a certain brooding wistfulness to their songs, Bruising definitely aren’t a downbeat band; just take a look at their stellar band shot, or the accompanying video to ‘I Don’t Mind’ that sees the four of them take on the world of vlogging.

Their Bristol tour date is being hosted by the ever brilliant Art Is Hard Records, and is sure to offer plenty of sugar-coated, noisy escapism.

Tickets to the show are available here. Watch the video for ‘I Don’t Mind’ below.