17th September | Exchange

With an achingly personal and stripped-back sound, Camp Cope is an Australian rock trio that is akin to the band that your alternative flatmate always wanted to start, but didn’t have a fraction of the talent to do so that this band possesses.

The band is led by Georgia McDonald, powerful lead singer-songwriter and guitarist, whose vocal styles are similar to that of Hop Along’s Frances Quinlan, but with a much rawer sound. With each wrenching chorus, you wonder if your heart or her voice will break first.

Self-described as ‘power emo’, Camp Cope are perfectly underproduced, with jangly and twanging guitars that are complemented by Kelly-Dawn Hellmrich on bass. Hellmrich’s pop punk influences make her basslines feel not pnly foundational to each song, but also punctuated features.

Along with the anchoring drums of Sarah Thompson, Camp Cope is an archetypal, indie-rock three-piece for right now. ‘The Opener’, the first single from their 2018 second album, How To Socialise & Make Friends, has become anthemic in its condemnation of the sexism that exists in the music industry

By presenting and confronting the unfortunate state of the cultural zeitgeist, McDonald and co. inject their personal experiences of emotional abuse, #metoo and sexism with a deftness that makes them one of the most exciting bands and songwriters active.

See Camp Cope play ‘How to Socialise & Make Friends’ live here: