Candy Darling ‘Going Straight’ | Single Review


Jaded, postpunk three-piece Candy Darling return this month to expand on their already intoxicating sound with the Jesus And Mary Chain-nodding ‘Going Straight’.

Steeped in bittersweet sentiment, communicated so simply and effectively by Emily Breeze’s insistence of “Tomorrow, I swear I’m going straight”, it’s hard not to fall in love with this track — as unhealthy as that love would be. As the track unfolds slowly, much like the protagonist’s honesty, you’d be satisfied in allowing the narrative to carry you to the end, but before long a sharp, powerful chorus barges in. “Everybody needs an ocean to down in / a crucifix to hold” . It would seem this a confession in the truest sense, replete in both church organ and religious imagery.

This is a band drawn together through a love of “proto-punk trash, rock’n’roll and noir romanticism” and, with a fluttering of effects here and a creeping delivery there, they ensure this single commands a dance of subtleties, culminating in a purposeful sound which I for one feel neatly realizes their visions.

Another home run for three twisted humans and drum machine, people are really beginning to follow the prolific and transmuting Breeze into this, her latest and perhaps most exciting project.

Check out ‘Going Straight’ right here: