22nd May | SWX

After the release of Teens of Denial, the excellent first album of their “record label” years following years of self-releases, Will Toledo, the prolific brain behind Car Seat Headrest, decided that instead of moving forward he would return to a release that formed the basis for him being critically discovered. Toledo deemed Twin Fantasy his yet-to-be-fully-realised passion project, and with the foundations of a solid career behind him, he could complete it to the perfectionist standard of which he desired. This year that come to fruition, the record being re-recorded and remastered with an enhanced drive and precocious energy that cements Toledo again as one of the most interesting songwriters currently around.

The live incarnation of Car Seat Headrest, which can be experienced this Tuesday at a sold-out show at SWX, is much more spontaneous, free-wheeling and unashamed. Backed by the ferocious talents of Seattle’s Naked Giants, who also open the night, Toledo will once again be able to exhibit his compelling songwriting abilities, except in a much more spacious and much less personal environment. On stage, their idiosyncratic, improvisational penchants come to the fore, the songs transcending their recorded form for something exploratory whilst retaining that subtle sense of melody that Toledo is quickly becoming famous for.

See the video for ‘Bodys’ here: