For the second time in a week, Bristol promoters Gravy Train are putting on a killer show at Start The Bus. This Wednesday, Vulgarians will be coming to Bristol following last weeks fantastic The Death Of Pop show that Gravy Train also put on.

The band will be bringing their brand of intense, chilling post-punk to the dark confines of Start The Bus on their national tour to support their recent EP Life’s Successful Death. The four piece only started playing together a year ago, but already they’ve toured across the country with The Wytches. Bristol’s Scarlet Rascal will be playing the slot before as well.

Gravy Train are already gaining a name for themselves putting on some pretty special shows, including blog darlings Dream Wife and the aforementioned Dorset dream-poppers The Death Of Pop.

Get tickets to the show here, and listen to Vulgarians incredible new EP below.