Centrefolds – ‘Fashion’ | EP Review


Centrefolds‘ new EP is brimming with chart-friendly tunes that firmly stake the claim of ‘guitar meets dance’.

‘Fashion’ dwells eagerly within the pop tones of indie yesteryear, with some catchy drum-pads remaining a constant staple throughout. Showing no signs of lethargy, ‘Release The Hounds’ comes out racy and invasive amongst a clean assembly of sound. It’s all about escapism; in a time where at every turn there’s reflective, glitchy and broody sounds it’s nice to have these locals produce a bit of animated fun.

‘Alright’ clocks in like the sweetheart of 2013 ‘Bloodshake’, swamped with plucky guitars. It becomes clear that there’s undoubtedly a Friday night feel beating about every song, and even clearer that this release is a step in the right direction for the Bristol band.

Stream the EP in full here: