Charlie Cunningham // Photoset

2nd November | Redgrave Theatre

It’s always good to see artists, in this era of production, distortion, overdubs and various other potential disguises, still able to strip back, and be vulnerable, raw and honest within their own unique soundscape. That’s Charlie Cunningham for you. You may have seen him supporting Lucy Rose at St George’s not so long ago. If you did, you’d know why he drew an enthusiastic and attentive crowd to Clifton’s Redgrave Theatre.

Clearly a skilled storyteller, he certainly dances around that guitar with grace and ease too, bringing the Spanish guitar training that underpins his craft to near on a folk-pop sensibility. Charlie’s music has the ability to leave you floating, quieten you down, force you inwards. We were all those things and more.

See the video for ‘Headlights’ here: