13th October | Thekla

Initially formed way back at the beginning of the decade, Washington’s Chastity Belt have always found themselves at the forefront of the contemporary feminist movement. Childbirth vocalist, Julia Shapiro lends her lyricism and passionate performance chops to the four-piece’s gnarled flavour of guitar pop, using her podium to deconstruct the archaic gender stereotypes that have long plagued modern society.

The band’s 2013 debut record, No Regerts gained critical praise and catapulted Chastity Belt to the forefront of many conversations orbiting social politics, offering the band a spotlight to shine upon their distinct world view. Their sophomore effort, Time To Go Home saw the band taken under the wing of Seattle label, Hardly Art with their affiliation to the legendary Sub Pop records doing wonders for the band’s decidedly alternative ethos.

By the time that 2017’s I Used To Spend So Much Time Alone saw its birth, Chastity Belt had deservedly found their niche in both sound and voice, with the record receiving grand critical praise, most notably from indie darlings NPR and Pitchfork who both included the record amongst their most influential of the year.

With their most recent outing, simply titled Chastity Belt, the band appear to have blossomed into a grand and flourishing form with their mournful, wistful musings bathed in an increasingly dazzling light. In the space of a decade, this band have seen immense professional growth and if their recent efforts are any barometer for the future I’m certain Chastity Belt will be here for the long haul.

See the video for ‘It Takes Time’ here: