Cherry Glazerr // Live Review & Photoset

4th April | Thekla

Photos: Jessica Bartolini

Cherry Glazerr is, technically, a whole rock band. However, it’s crystal clear that lead guitarist, singer and songwriter, Clementine Creevy is the auteur behind (or on stage, ahead of) the group. At Thekla she brings energy in spades. Despite being in the middle of a mammoth world tour, Cherry Glazerr are still burning seriously bright.

Local heavy-pop trio, INDIGOs are supporting. They start explosively with single, ‘Breathe In’ – a distorted and grungey track, written with the help of IDLES’ guitarist, Lee Kiernan. Sophia Barnes’ bass is essential, and the highlight of follow-up track ‘I’m Healed’. Hers and Jack Croft’s dual vocals drift between the layers of lush fuzz. It’s a birthday gig for Sophia, but we’re getting the presents.

The skill in INDIGOs is real: lead guitar solos are impressive, as is Sophia’s vocal range. Likewise, drummer Jack Hamilton is on fire, especially in penultimate song ‘Soylent Coffee’. According to the band, it’s their favourite gig to date, and it shows; the band plays with a polish that is often lacking in much more experienced acts. They have only two released tracks (and EP on the horizon), but their assured performance shows that INDIGOs are already a band of superior quality.

Cherry Glazerr finally come on stage, and they’re met with huge cheers. Clementine’s all-scarlet outfit matches the enormous inflated cherry she struts out in front of. Fittingly, the band starts up with the four-count from new album opener, ‘Ohio’, then into early track and fan-favourite ‘Had Ten Dollaz’. Clem’s as good on her axe as the stories say: she’s riffing off the chords with ease. It’s only the second song of their set, yet she is already headbanging, and the crowd are following suit. In response: “Bristol, fuck yeah! You’re a good crowd!”

Before ‘Self Explained’, a more mellow track from Stuffed & Ready, Clementine confesses it’s her favourite track to play. The lyrics, like in much of the latest album, are intensely personal: “I separated from society today/ I don’t get close to anybody but my feelings.” Immediately though, we’re thrown into ‘Nurse Ratched’ from Apocalipstick. “She’s a wild one,” she sings in the song that alludes to the antagonist of One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest, but tonight’s passion makes that phrase seem exceedingly self-referential.

Clementine shreds all over the stage; throughout ‘White’s Not My Colour This Evening’ and ‘Trash People’, she steals the show, cackling out loud with glee. Not to be overlooked though, are the fantastic drumming skills of Tabor Allen and Livvy Bennett of Mamalarky on bass. ‘Teenage Girl’ from Haxel Princess is a slow starter, but during the track the tempo begins shifting up and down. All at once: “And this one’s called Metal Teenage Girl!” and two glorious minutes of ecstatic outburst. Cherry Glazerr appear to have boundless vigour.

As the gig goes on, the fire in Thekla keeps growing. Clem shudders and flexes on stage to highlights, ‘Stupid Fish’ and ‘Apocalipstick’, strumming with virtuosic fever. Finally, she invades the crowd, close enough to touch. I’ve never seen the boat this alive, and doubt I will for some time. Off and on again, they encore with a class LCD Soundsystem cover, and their hit ‘Told You I’d Be With The Guys’ for a manic ending.

Cherry Glazerr are frighteningly good live. When they return to Bristol, I’ll be buying tickets in a heartbeat.

See the video for ‘Daddi’ here: