4th April | Thekla

There’s been a constant force throughout the timeline of Cherry Glazerr, and it’s Clementine Creevy. Since their inception as her pet project aged fifteen, band members have come and gone, but her blaring guitar and raw passion have stuck around. Synth player from previous album Apocalipstick, Sasami Ashworth, left to pursue solo projects, yet the band is as tight as ever.

Their latest project, Stuffed and Ready, is an album of the zeitgeist, choc-full of stark emotion. Rage at oppressive masculinity on ‘Wasted Nun’, misery from (self-imposed) solitude on ‘Isolation’, biting sugary cynicism on ‘Daddi’; Creevy delivers her thoughts on the modern world both with sweetness and spite.

As a riff-heavy rock band, if Cherry Glazerr can capture the energy of their studio output at Thekla, it’s sure to be raucous. A lost voice halted any singing on their recent visit to Bristol’s Rough Trade, so here’s hoping Creevy can deliver her fierce “I see myself in you and that’s why I fucking hate you!” (‘Stupid Fish’). We’re in for a stonking gig.

Local dual-fronted act INDIGOs will be supporting, whose two singles ‘Rebirth’ and ‘Breathe In’ display distorted, shoegazey pop, smattered with psychedelia.  They recently supported fellow locals No Violet at Rough Trade in a quality show, and so should be bringing their best fuzz along with them to Thekla too.

See the video for ‘Wasted Nun’ here: