Chromeo ‘White Women’ | Album Review


So Chromeo are still kicking about and kickin’ it with disco beats and shameless cool. Ten years on from the release of their debut She’s in Control, Dave 1 and P-Thugg continue to push their electro revival sound with their fourth album White Women. There is all the schtick and pop flare you would expect as well as some surprises, from quiet introspection to colourful guitar licks.

If you caught any of Chromeo’s previous records you know the drill; pumping electro beats, deliciously nostalgic keyboard swathes and a faux cool vocal delivery, tongues firmly lodged in cheeks. It’s a sugary treat for the ears, but for all the pomp and self-aware jabs at the genre it’s in the restrained moments that White Women really makes its mark. Vampire Weekend’s Ezra Koenig is silky and sombre on ‘Ezra’s Interlude’, keeping the mix stripped back to piano and simple electronic accompaniments. It’s short and impactful, something which can’t be said for the bloated ‘Sexy Socialite’ and closer ‘Fall Back 2U’ which, for all their lyrical charm, vastly overstay their welcome.

Luckily there is enough depth here to keep White Women from feeling throwaway. Solange brings a needed shimmer of class to ‘Lost On The Way Home’, while ‘Hard To Say No’ and ‘Old 45’s ‘show an endearing side to this pair’s sometimes-superficial philandering funk.

Check out ‘Jealous’ right here: