O2 Academy | 27th March

Having already surfed the wave of pure happiness that is The Magic Gang, the crowd were more than warmed up for a night of energetic tunes, from Liverpudlian indie-rockers Circa Waves. Buzzing with much more excitement  than you’d expect from a crowd on a chilly Monday night, an atmosphere of unique anticipation flooded through O2 Academy.

When the lights went down and the power-driven guitar intro to ‘Wake Up’ echoed around the room, the mood was positively electric. Impossible to stay still, the whole venue was rocking out to the angry sound of the band’s latest, rockier, second album. With the likes of ‘Goodbye’ and ‘A Night On The Broken Tiles’ sampling lead guitarist Joe Falconer’s freakishly phenomenal skills, you had to admire how accomplished the four piece’s sound is already. Dipping in and out of their debut album Young Chasers, and their latest Different Creatures, was like battling between heaven and hell, with soft blue and purple lighting for the former and angry red and white strobes for the latter.

The band switched between their new and old content with pure finesse, singing the familiar lyrics to popular single ‘Fossils’, and then the moodier ‘Out On My Own’, as if their individual acoustics didn’t contrast completely. It’s rare to see a band reinvent their sound without losing their identity in the process, but Circa Waves seem to have perfected this skill. They switched from being the perfect laid back summer soundtrack, to vocalizing pure rocky pain and angst, in a way that made it feel like you were at two entirely different concerts. The uniquely structured set was a surprisingly harmonising mix, which felt completely natural.

Later came the slower number ‘Loves Run Out’, in which lead singer Kieran Shudall was left centre-stage with only an acoustic guitar. Shudall enraptured the hearts of everyone in the room for a brief moment, before the rest of the band reappeared to slide back into the upbeat single ‘Fire That Burns’.

It was only when the chanting grew louder, and more impatient, that the beloved guitar riff of ‘T-Shirt Weather’ began to play. An unforgettable night filled with songs displaying so many different emotions, the night was a rollercoaster which nobody wanted to get off of. Circa Waves can only get bigger and better from here, and if the diversity of their current albums promises anything, it’s that these boys are certainly not done reinventing themselves.

Watch the video of ‘Wake Up’ below.