Circa Waves // Photoset

25th April | O2 Academy

With their album What’s It Like Over There? only a few weeks old, Circa Waves came to Bristol offering a smattering of new songs, but very much giving the tried and tested material prominence. They opened and closed the set with tracks from 2016’s Different Creatures, starting with the thematically appropriate ‘Wake Up’ and ending with the equally concluding conflagration of ‘Fire That Burns’.

If the encore wasn’t heading for ‘T-Shirt Weather’ then there was likely to be all manner of combustion, so it was unsurprising, but a blessed relief when they took us back to the halcyon days of 2015 (think how many rubbish things hadn’t happened back in 2015) and the album Young Chasers. Lead singer, Kieran Shudall sounded most fired up on the earlier, zestier tracks. ‘Time Won’t Change Me’ came with a more steady pace and sense of, ironically, change through age and time, but this night still showed that Circa Waves can still make us feel like we’re surfing on a wave of youthful exuberance.

See the video for ‘T-Shirt Weather’ here: