Claudio Simonetti’s Goblin with ANTA | Live Review


“Do you like zombies?” He asks impishly.

ANTA‘s wall of amps require they set up on the floor in front of the stage. It’s no bad thing. Lightning Bolt-style intimacy puts us nose-to-nose with their pummelling tumult and the bass pushing up from the Fleece’s solid floor is a physical force much like being slapped about the face by Stonehenge. They play the entirety of the latest long-player, ‘Centurionaut’ as one seamless suite because, y’know, prog. It’s staggeringly loud and immensely satisfying, supersaturated fat-free heaviness.

Claudio Simonetti’s Goblin make an endearingly shambolic entrance. The lights swoop, the intro tape swells to a crescendo and..silencio. The drummer can’t hear his clicktrack and the bassist’s amp has died. A replacement box carried onstage is promptly dropped. The audience collectively wince, warming to this impromptu panto. Eventually order is restored.

Simonetti’s Italian team are a top-flight side of flash mid-season veterans, entirely on top of the tricksy time signatures with buckets of personality. ‘Roller’ skips from squeelling guitar hysterionics to nimble funk driven by Claudio’s lead synth-playing. “Do you like zombies?” He asks impishly. The main theme from ‘Dawn Of The Dead’ follows, complete with scratchy soundtrack samples. We get ‘Profondo Rosso’ and the gleefully daft ‘Phenomena’. Claudio dons a vocoder headset and sings a snatch of Canned Heat’s ‘On The Road Again’, clearly enjoying himself. ‘Tenebre’, one realises, is exactly where Daft Punk planted their flag and is purest 21st-century pop. (So much so, that Justice sampled it later.) Of course there’s a drum solo. The biggest cheer of the night is reserved for ‘Suspiria’, it’s deliriously lurid colours inseperable from Goblin’s fever dream soundtrack, the perfect marriage of sound and vision. Long may they continue.

Enjoy a bit of the supporting ANTA right here: