Claudio Simonetti’s Goblin with ANTA | Preview


A genuine event gig this, Claudio Simonetti’s Goblin, purveyors of Italian prog-rock paired with Bristol’s own titans of instrumental prog-doom, ANTA.

Goblin have been Dario Argento’s horror film scorers of choice for over twenty-five years, including the deliriously deranged cult classic, ‘Suspiria’ and the rococo speed-metal opera and harpsichord stylings of the main theme to ‘Phenomena’. Their gloriously cinematic sound is intrinsically bound to the history of Italian Giallo.

How prog are ANTA? Just try typing their name as Anta and they will write and complain, that’s how prog. Their second album, ‘Centurionaut’, an enormous slice of gatefolded coloured vinyl, transforms any turntable into a grinding wheel of detuned guitars and slaveboat tempos. Both bands can confidently be expected to deliver weapons-grade baroque heaviness. Do not miss this.

Get in the mood with some choice ANTA right here: