Coasts ‘A Rush Of Blood’ | Single Review


Although Coasts’ music has long outgrown Bristol, the band remain something truly special for lovers of calypso guitar-pop across the city; of which there are many.

Another slice ahead of the full-length due this summer, ‘A Rush Of Blood’ hears the five-piece amp-up their trademark tropical tones and take on a festival field urgency. Unlike previous single ‘Stay’, this track jumps straight into a far less intimate world of jangle. That’s not to say they’ve lost their vibe, there’s a lot of integrity skulking beneath the surface of this pop song and peeking through during the many breakdowns.

Evident that Coasts wear their influences proudly upon their sleeves, we’d be lying if, amidst the plucky guitars, synth sprawled interludes, we said Foals, Wu Lyf and more weren’t greatly present.

This is, however, three minutes tailor-made for Glastonbury’s John Peel Stage — Coasts you can do no wrong, go forth and take over the summer.

Check out the single right here: