Belle & Sebastian have become well known for their addition to the festival scene via their Boaty Weekender. On solid ground, and without a ship waiting to sail them away into the sunset, the Glaswegian chamber-pop micro-dramatists will grace Lloyd’s Amphitheatre on July 17th for Colston Hall’s fifth year of gigs on the Harbourside.

London’s Django Django, so good they named them twice, provide support, making it quality squared, rather than just a happy double whammy. All that, leading towards Bristol Harbour Festival. Verily a quality item.

So, dear catastrophe waitress: if you’re feeling sinister, fear not – summer’s coming in the shape of Belle & Sebastian. How to solve our human problems? Colston Hall are onto it.

Check out more info at Colston Hall’s site here.

See the video for Belle & Sebastian’s ‘This Letter’ here: