20th June | Fleece

Australian duo, Confidence Man turn The Fleece into one big dance party, keeping up to their status of outstanding entertainers.

Italo disco synthetic beats pervade The Fleece’s darkness, setting the mood for Confidence Man’s stage entrance. For a minute I wonder whether I’ve somehow travelled in time and ended up in a sweaty, fuchsia neon-lit 1982 Italian East Coast club. After the first couple of numbers, though, I realise that maybe the time travellers are Confidence Man, who have stepped straight out of the 90s and accidentally woken up in the 21st century, just like in a dance-pop adaption of the Life on Mars script.

Moroder-style synths, Betty Boo, Happy Mondays – welcome to the raving and trippy realm of Confidence Man’s inspirations. One could even accuse the Australians of plagiarism, but after all, we live in post-modernity and everything seems to be done slightly tongue-in-cheek, just like the cheeky reference to Aqua’s ‘Barbie Girl’ in ‘C.O.O.L. Party’. It’s no secret that the project started as a joke and that’s exactly where, in this exaggerated lack of seriousness that lies Confidence Man’s success and greatness.

Trust me, I’m not using any hyperbolic vocabulary, Confidence Man are great. They’re one of the best live acts witnessed over the last year or so. Maybe – actually, most likely – this recent post-punk bandwagon has bored me to the point that a raving shake like this was much needed in the British indie universe.

After all it doesn’t even matter that much if Planet and Bones’ vocal skills aren’t at their best. They made BBC6 Music dads dance – and this, in all fairness, is all it matters to me. You could tell their genuine excitement in reliving the Madchester pills ‘n’ thrills heydays, mixed with the guilty pleasure of dancing to cheesy dance bangers.

Not only do Confidence Man sound good, but they also look stunning on stage. With more costume changes than a theatre production, theirs is a sparkling show that sits in between a warehouse rave and a pride show.

See the video for ‘Don’t You Know I’m In A Band’ here: