Corona Sunsets Festival | Live Review & Photos


Rest assured, there were a few sore heads the next day.

On opening the curtains to drizzle on the morning of the 2014 Corona Sunsets festival, it seemed the weather was going to put a dampener on the whole occasion. Over the course of the morning however blue skies emerged from behind the clouds and it promised to be a fantastic day. The seafront was already buzzing as the preliminary acts started their sets: the impressive wooden structures and stages erected for the festival eagerly awaited action.

MK was on the main stage. His chilled house beats set the tone for the afternoon and evening. The crowd, especially a group hard-core MK fans with the said artist’s initials on their necks, began head thumping and toe-tapping but the sound of chat and people generally having a lovely time could still be heard across the beach, carried along by the Bristol Channel breeze. The Corona Sunsets flags clung desperately to their poles as the gusty winds picked up.

Sinden continued the House theme as he took to the main stage. At this stage some serious skanking began, particularly amongst those situated at the front of the crowd. It was a timely lift to the tempo as the Disclosure boys were up next.

Disclosure, fresh from world domination, were predictably on fantastic form. 2013 was their year but they have shown few signs of slowing in 2014. It is unlikely that they would have played such a laid-back show in recent times. This festival was about the sun, the sea and the sand and, to an extent, the music was peripheral. This however did not stop the duo from putting on a stellar show. The whole crowd was rocking to their global smash hits such as ‘Latch’, ‘F For You’ and ‘You and Me’. These favourites in particular brought the house (or beach!) down.

Disclosure and the weather had well and truly warmed the crowd up for the appreciative Eats Everything and Annie Mac who topped the bill. The weather provided the perfect backdrop to the festival all day long. As Eats Everything and Annie Mac wrapped up the festival a glowing sunset of orange and pink ensured Corona Sunsets had lived up to its name.

Local favourite Eats Everything had the crowd hungry for more as Disclosure departed. His hour-long set of house with some classics thrown in was one of the highlights of the day. The sun edged ever-closer to the horizon.

Annie Mac, a household name, took over the reins and laid down an hour and a half set of pure electronic dance. She took the crowd through a number of classics, particular highlights being remixes of Busta Rhymes’ ‘Dangerous’ and GotSome’s ‘Bassline’. By this point the sun had long gone and dusk settled across the beach.

This allowed for the fireworks and pyrotechnics to end the festival with a bang. The impressive light show on the stage was accompanied by London Grammar’s ‘Hey Now’ and a flurry of fireworks exploded in the night sky. The whole day was a great success and the after-party continued late into the night at Club Vision where Shy FX and P Money were on stage. Rest assured, there were a few sore heads the next morning.

Check out a bit of Disclosure right here: