Beak> | Interview

1. With members having previously worked with Malakai, Portishead, Massive Attack and Robert Plant, fans must have high expectations, is that a freedom or curse?

G: we brought the worst elements to those bands – so people are intrigued to see how bad it could get

B: Never really thought about that? I think people just come to hear Beak> play, as we really don’t have any resemblance to any of those bands.

2. As we all know you’ve set up Invada, your own label – whats it like wearing so many hats? Do you enjoy autonomy of not having to chase a deal?

G: Invada has been lucky enough to employ the ‘One Moan Army’ that is Redg Weeks as label manager which has taken a lot of work weight off for me, and of course FAT PAUL is also a partner. Personally, I can get confused about which side of the artist / label mirror I’m on, as if I’m not careful I end up ripping myself off and signing myself to 30-year 360 deal! As for hats I have several caps, a few trilbies and a helmet.

3. You have your second album coming out on July 2nd, has this been a development, or defining the sound of the band?

G: Yes, the band sounds more like the band now that it’s slightly more developed. But hopefully for the better. As bands develop they become more boring and tedious. I suppose it’s quite simple – You just try to make the best tunes you can make.

B: It’s the sound of a band that had to work a lot harder to make a second record compared to the first! It was weird, we tried to make a record straight after we toured the first album but we sounded sh*t. We had to let the dust settle from the live version of Beak> before we could find a fresh zone to come up with stuff again. But then we did… and I suppose that’s a development, definitely not defining!

4. Geoff, as we know BEAK> is an entirely live project, without a single cheeky synth hook on a half hidden mac backing track. Is it refreshing to work this way, considering your production and sampling roles in previous bands?

G: I actually came from playing the drums first when I was a kid, so it seems very natural for me. More natural than the dj-sample side which to be honest I cant f*cking stand now.

5. Having played in-and-around Bristol for so long, and helping to define the affectionately named ‘Bristol Sound’, what are you most excited about in the city at the moment?

G: Bristol has always had good small music venues, The Louisiana, The Croft, The Fleece, and now Start The Bus… The bigger ones are shocking. The little festivals are great for local bands, and Invada’s own Fat Paul has just got a new venue in Old Market which I’m sure will carry on the tradition of putting great nights on.

So, we have some important life questions. Plumage or talons?

G: talons

X Factor or The Voice?

G: f*ck off.
B: I’ve heard around Stokes Croft that it’s cool to say ‘neither’. So I’ll say ‘The Voice’.

Hah! Peas or beans?

G: Beans… but it depends.
B: Baked beans of course. Mind you, sugar snap peas out of the pod are pretty sexy.

Mmm peas. Banksy or Mudwig?

G: Banksy is ace, but Mudwig did some our artwork and I love his stuff.
B: Yes, Mudwig. On account of our artwork for the Wulfstan 12″, and because Banksy owes our Matt a fiver.

Mackerel or tuna?

G: how dare you! Beak> are sponsored by Mackerel in tom sauce.
B: Mackerel. Because it gives you swimmers!

That’s disgusting. Grey parrot or cockatiel?

G: I prefer the common pigeon.
B: Honestly not bothered about either.

Nuts or Zoo?

G: Always good to take Nuts to the zoo.
B: Bum or Baps?

It’s all about the toes! Twilight or Buffy?

B: Shut up

Chips vs roasters?

B: Boiled in it’s skin with a bit of butter.

Boil ‘em, Mash ‘em, put them in a stew. Capitalism or fascism?

G: Capitalism. Buy our album or you wont be like everyone else. Fascism is sooo yesterday! Like 80s wolf t-shirts.
B: Both c*nts.

We hear you enjoyed Mark Ronson’s song for Coca-Cola. Coke vs battery acid?

G: Beak> have just written a song for the Olympics with Jedward for Coke, we got to wear great white suits and everything. We have poor children and athletes in the video from all over the world dancing around us. I made sure the children didn’t touch us though as they looked quite dirty. I also made sure they got a Beak> t-shirt at cost, as a few of them might have been on the production line that made them in the first place! ha!

Goebbels or Ronson?

G:tough one!!

Wig vs merkin?
G: 5,000 follicle transplants in the groin area.
B: Merkin, because I’ve never seen one. Is it like a hairy sideways hat that you put on your fairy?

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