19th May | The Lanes

I’ll be honest with you; it’s been a while since I last thought about Crocodiles, not the magnificent prehistoric beasts (they’re always high on my agenda) but the equally-gnarled noise-pop duo hailing from San Diego, California. Crocodiles’ sophomore record, Sleep Forever, released in the now distant year of 2010, has become a staple of its genre, boasting grand swathes of droning guitars and cathartic vocal howls resonating in a similar cacophonous space to its peers, in bands such as A Place To Bury Strangers or No Age. You’ll be pleased to hear that in the following years, Crocodiles have found themselves to be rather prolific and what’s more, their output has seemingly matured with them, offering some spectacular results.

Take their most recent offering for example, 2019’s Love Is Here, from its opening bop of ‘Nuclear Love’ the record’s themes of apocalyptic melancholy and sarcastic snarling wit are front and centre, swimming in an auditory sea of skate-punk and noise-pop, with lashings of distinct mod/ Cool Britannia flavours. The record makes pit-stops in the realms of spook-rock, psychedelia and 60s twang, showcasing the band’s eclectic mix of influences, whilst somehow managing to present an ever-present vein of idiosyncrasy. With support from Bristol garage giants, Radiators and booked by one of this city’s most tuned-in promoters in the form of Gravy Train, this offering at The Lanes is certainly one for your diary.

See the video for ‘Wait Until Tomorrow’ here: