Crocodiles | Live Review


Their comeback was a technical success, exposing people to their gloriously dirty new sound…

There’s an odd vibe to Start The Bus as people are chatting and eating on one side of the venue, whilst a patient other half is waiting for an indie rock gig to kick into motion. This is the second time Crocodiles have taken to the stage here, and their first in a headline slot. Yet despite a healthy attendance, vocalist Brandon Welchez’s enthused “it’s good to be back” is met with a wholly neutral response from the crowd.

The stage is a tad intimate for the lo-fi rock duo, but they bask in it, and rather than clumsily bashing into one another, go back to back while strumming out their mellow harmonies, jerking side to side with the guitars.

The misty-eyed tribute song ‘Marquis Du Sade’ stands as solid as the crowd’s feet on the ground, but the prog rock grind of ‘Billy Speed’ finally propels people to move around, even piquing the interest of the swaying back benchers sipping their drinks, nodding along. ‘Crybaby Demon’ – a cut from their newest record, ‘Boys’ – was not only the catchiest song, but also harboured the most convincingly disguised lo-fi pop flavoured licks. It was a real highlight, where Crocodiles were at their rawest and most relatable to the crowd.

Perhaps overall, more people were attracted to the idea of a free gig on a Tuesday evening than by the calibre of the bands playing, but that doesn’t stand in the way of the fact that Crocodiles played their hearts out. They may have lost a little through a quieter, less energetic crowd than usual, but their comeback was still a technical success, exposing people to their gloriously dirty new sound in the process.

Check out the video for ‘Crybaby Demon’ below: