CymbalsCymbals Eat Guitars – Pretty Years
Sep 16th, Sinderlyn | Buy

An album that is both captivating and pure, Pretty Years recreates electrifying moments from the band’s life on the road, using these experiences and their living-for-every-moment attitude to do so with aplomb. There’s an accomplished and well-thought-out sound throughout, with their now well-matured lyricism sharing stories and emotions that are relatable, while also being meticulously put together.

Using their trademark cacophonic guitars, along with an innate propulsion influenced by 80s legends like The Clash, Springsteen and Bowie, Cymbals Eat Guitars manage to supply both energy and originality with many retrospective nods along the way. Start with standout tracks ‘Heart’, ‘4th of July in Philadelphia’ and ‘Dancing Days’.

Check out ‘Wish’ below.