Daggers & Waves ‘Wayward Lines’ | EP Review

Daggers & Waves

The chance to record a debut EP in Portishead’s studio is not something every artist is given, but after many lineup changes Daggers And Waves finally took to J&J’s mixing desks, and ‘Wayward Lines’ tells us that they’ve certainly made the most of the experience.

City life inspired this release, something quickly reflected in the soul-meets-electronic meanderings of the five-track.The gentle bustle of Bristol is assumed until ‘The Truth Hurts’ arrives gruff and loose for an exciting style shift. Clearly made by individuals who carefully consider the situations life can throw up, ‘Ferry Light Switch’ bites with the line “you’ve got to know me before you judge”, beautifully fitting the social blueprints of the EP.

This is in essence a fine start for Daggers & Waves, bringing together an engaging blend of soulful melodies and the subject matter of daily life.

Check out title track ‘Wayward Lines’ right here: