January 25th | The Well

Alexandra Sauser-Monnig started her musical prominence as part of the harmonious trio, Mountain Man. But as that slowly drew to a disparate close, she drifted into writing what became her debut album Dawnbreaker as Daughter of Swords. Emerging from the end of a relationship and finding more freedom to write and tour as a result, she took her guitar and drum machine along for her confident solo project.

Her lighter-than-air vocal style carries a blend of folk, Americana and pop, as the understated beats gently bubble below. The dreamy tunes froth with gentle emotion as the refrains flutter from side to side. The low-fi ‘recorded in a backroom’ style has a classic feel akin to the likes of Woody Guthrie. With the natural resonance of the guitar body and absence of production clearly felt, it’s highly appropriate that the music videos often take place in the countryside, with scarcely a piece of technology in sight.

This year, she has embarked on an extensive set of dates, covering England and Ireland before traveling across the USA, supporting the Dead Tongues. This is not music which screams for your attention, but rather invites you to sit and become lost within the cyling melodies. The Well is an ideal venue to host her with its cosy and intimate set-up. It is also the only place you’re likely to hear a gentle ballad about a cyclist’s shiny golden leggings which the single ‘Shining Woman’ interestingly chose to focus on.

See the video for ‘Dawnbreaker’ here: