26th April | O2 Academy

When I first heard about this new-fangled hip-hop artist Dave a year or so back, I genuinely thought he might be a joke. What self-respecting rapper is just called…Dave? But while his name might not ruffle feathers, his lyrics – often political, bleak and utterly contemporary – are simply incredible.

The twenty-year-old South Londoner really stirred controversy with his latest single ‘Black’ – the follow-up to his 2018 number one ‘Funky Friday’ – which saw slews of complaints from listeners, to the point that Radio 1 DJs Annie Mac and Greg James addressed the complaints on air. The single features on his album Psychodrama, nestled amongst a collection of emotional, twisted tracks that explore racial identity, Dave’s private pain and society’s collective injustice.

The album has racked up top ratings with fans and critics alike – finding endorsements from the likes of Drake – and there’s no doubt that at the O2 Academy next week, the audience will join this twenty-something rapper in his cathartic release. Expect your voice to be lost in the sea of young souls navigating their own experiences with pain and joy. It may be tough listening, a raw live experience, but there’s no doubt it’ll be one that’s difficult to forget.

See ‘Streatham’ by Dave here: