Dead Wolf Club – ‘Self Titled’ | Album Review


So, tomorrow your task is to start a band. Please come up with the trendiest, most vogue-for-vogue name you can. The word ‘wolf’ has to be in there, and yeah ‘dead’ is cool? And definitely has to end with ‘club’. Yes definitely.

It’s for these reasons that I was apprehensive about Dead Wolf Club, sneering reluctantly (I do this well) at the pre-release that sat on my desk. However, like some kind of post-punk piñata, what laid within was a tasty surprise.

Track one Head Full Of Horrors kicks in with a nonchalant aggression reminiscent of the original grunge movement, which is pretty refreshing amidst the on-setting bastardised revival. The inter-splicing of a dark
spindly riff and Lon Chany solo bring us back to the title, and provides a relief that ticks at least a couple contemporary boxes.

Verging more on dance-punk comes the perhaps stand-out track, Radar. Hooky, sectiony, and at times choral, it cuts through the usual sixteenths-on-the-hats-mate tedium that dance-punk bands often create.

News incorporates some nice hipster keys to keep things fresh, but still plenty angry. Wave has got a killer pumpkins-esque riff that’s worth the wait, and Colossus hooks you in with some well-paced Interpol

Like the NOW albums I was given by distant relatives in my teens, the strongest tracks are definitely at the beginning, but contrastly this record had already won me over, making me more than happy to swim around in their sound as things got more tangential.

All in all ‘Dead Wolf Club’ is a satisfying nine track offering, from driving anti-anthems to jittery rants, with some nice hipstery digressions.

Dead Wolf Club are touring in support their debut album, in stores
February 1st, and play Bristol at the Louisiana on the 8th.