30th September | Fleece

Without doubt one of the most exciting metal acts of recent years, with a sound that’s constantly evolving and diversifying, Deafheaven are thankfully rocking up to the Fleece again this September, 30th. Following a positive trajectory of critical acclaim – that started with 2011’s Roads to Judah and exploded from Sunbather onward – Ordinary Corrupt Human Love may well be the crown jewel in an already impressive discography: cinematic, broadly imaginative, and even delicate at times – ‘You Without End’ or ‘Night People’, for example. It’s a metamorphosis, but still retains plenty of the sonic make-up that makes the band so instantly recognisable – guttural screams and riffs aplenty.

Certainly if the album’s anything to go by, this is a show you can’t afford to pass up. The Ordinary Corrupt Human Love Tour is set to be an experience like no other, for long-time fans and first-timers alike. Official tour support on the evening will be from Inter Arma, a five-piece from Virginia who’ve previously toured across Europe and the US with the likes of Russian Circles, Baroness, and Black Tusk, among others. Their sophomore album – 2016’s Paradise Gallows – certainly indicates a band on the rise, and one worth checking out live if you haven’t already had the chance.

See the video to ‘Honeycomb’ here: