The reigning queens of rock and roll Deap Vally are back, and they want to party. Cooking up a storm of hype with their new album ‘Femejism’ out with just over a week to go they’ll be bringing their grinding scuzz rock to Thekla on September the 15th. Performing only a night before the release it is bound to be one to watch filled with plenty of new tunes built to shake rooms.

The talented twosome haven’t played in Bristol since their 2013 show at the New Trinity Centre with SKATERS as part of Bristol Sound City. The buzz around the album will be inescapable, promising a night of ecstatic earworms littered with epic riffs. From the assault of chaotic guitars on ‘Lies’ to the hearty calls of favourite from second album Sistronix ‘Baby I Call Hell’.

Even more likely is the recent single from the upcoming record ‘Smile More’ pointing the finger at the men who insist on telling ladies they need to cheer up and looking annoyed or sad doesn’t suit them. So watch out boys, and revel in the mood girls, cause Deap Vally are pulling no punches for this crowd.

Deap Vally play Thekla on 13th September, watch the video for ‘Gonnawanna’ below.

Photo by Eleanora Collini