Death Pedals


From East London come the loud, fast and heavy sounds of Death Pedals. Formed in early 2010 through the mutual appreciation of all things John Reis, the band set out to fill what they had felt was an apparent void of ‘balls out punk rock ‘n’ roll’ in London. Death Pedals have made a name for themselves within London’s DIY punk scene as a must-see live band.

Establishing themselves on the DIY map even more and securing their reputation as a band who give as much as they take, the band started a monthly night known as ‘I Hate The Kids’ to put on their own gigs and to help promote other UK underground bands, along with involvement with underground promoters ‘Rip This Joint’ and the self-funded ‘This Is DIY’.

Taking inspiration from RFTC, Hot Snakes, The Night Marchers and Drive Like Jehu, Death Pedals first release came in the form of a 7” split with disbanded hardcore quintet, It Often Takes A War. A year later came the “Welcome To The Restaurant” EP, followed shortly afterwards by another split 7” with fellow London DIY band, Mayors Of Miyazaki. Every release has been recorded and produced by the band in their own self-built studio.

With reference to their original inspiration, the band also found common affection for recent releases by The Men, Metz and Vicious Cycle and began to work on a full yet unpolished sound. Now, Death Pedals have released their first full length record, ‘The Carvery’. Aware that recording an album can often lead to over-worked and stale outcomes, the band gave themselves only four days to record in their East London studio, with crucial breaks in mixing to keep the sound fresh.

The nine-track album is brilliantly aggressive; a raw, adrenaline-fuelled record of pure rock ‘n roll that stands out pretty damn far from every other so-called ‘punk’ band these days. Death Pedals are exactly what the UK punk scene has been waiting for.