Each month we’ll bring you three of the freshest acts to catch our ears. Headed by New Music Editor Christian Northwood, check out what’ll be spinning on the Bristol Live Magazine stereo for the month of December.


Something very dark seems to be happening in the north at the moment. Whilst most seem to be scrabbling to hype the latest act from South London, Yorkshire seems to be throwing out band upon band of gritty, noisy post-punk, and Drahla might be the top of the pile. Harnessing the same bleak, echo-laden sounds of acts like Joy Division and Public Image Ltd, but injecting it with squealing, off-kilter guitars, Drahla sound as apocalyptic as they come.

The three-piece have just released their debut EP Third Article, and it pulls together the rumbling basslines and haywire guitars of their previous two singles ‘Fictional Decision’ and ‘Faux Text’ into a claustrophobic, enthralling experience. EP opener, ‘Form of Luxury’, embodies their sound perfectly; guitars wail around Luciel Brown’s deadpan vocals, while the deep, melodic bassline keeps the madness in order. The lyrics damn “surplus spinning on a capital vehicle” and  “cavernous rooms decided by wealth”, before culminating in chants of “form of luxury, form a line.” We need bands like Drahla to help us rally against the darkness now more than ever.

More: https://drahla.bandcamp.com/

Listen to: Form of Luxury

Jamie Cruickshank

Jamie Cruickshank is hardly an unfamiliar face in the Bristol music scene, though this is a guise that’s rather different to anything else you may have seen him doing. While he’s usually creating havoc and noise in bands like The Gnarwhals and Human Bones, his solo project finds him stripping back completely, switching the electric for either an acoustic or a banjo and creating beautiful, wintery folk. His voice is husky, soulful and tender, complementing the earthy guitar and violin tones perfectly. His music has flecks of Americana, but is distinctly Bristolian, as debut single ‘I Can See Totterdown’ not-so-subtly attests to.

More: https://cruickshank.bandcamp.com/releases

Listen to: ‘I Can See Totterdown’


Bristol, generally, is known for its noise. Generations of artists have created full-throttle, visceral music, but Corre – an audio-visual duo from the city – have decided to buck this trend. Shrouded in mystery, Corre create hypnotic compositions; a mixture of contemporary electronics and intricate classical piano. These songs are then partnered with lush videos, perfectly pairing with the ever-shifting songs that they sit against. Recently-released album Form lets you drift through soothing textures, each song evolving and opening slowly, with tracks like ‘Aeon’ and title track ‘Form’ creating small bubbles of sound for you to immerse yourself in. Subtle and understated, Corre are ready to take you somewhere else.

More: https://soundcloud.com/correcreative

Listen to: Aeon