6th August | Thekla

Birthed from the depths of San Francisco’s experimental math rock scene, Deerhoof combine rich melodies with experimental noise to create an unmistakable sound that has ultimately propelled them towards their success in the scene of the late 2000s. Their first major stint was in 2002, when they released their critically acclaimed album Reveille. Deerhoof reached notoriety in the scene after a 2004 tour of Europe and Japan which was then followed by a tour with The Flaming Lips in 2006 which cemented the group’s place in the noise scene.

The most recent Deerhoof album, Mountain Moves, released in September 2017, features a softer, more surfer vibe than previously displayed by the group. The track ‘Your Dystopic Creation Doesn’t Fear You’ has gentle 60s pop melodies over jarring metallic riffs, stitched together in typically disjointed Deerhoof fashion. Similarly, the track ‘Freedom Highway’ exudes a 50s swing/rockabilly structure, with the distinctive twinkling Deerhoof guitar sprinkled over the classic rock and roll riffs.

Deerhoof provide a truly innovative and exciting take on the saturated experimental scene; they are DIY heavyweights and a source of inspiration for many. Their live performances are captivating, high-energy displays of experimental prowess. For fans of uplifting and colourful music be sure not to miss Deerhoof at Thekla on Monday 6th.

See the video for ‘I Will Spite Survive’ here: