21st March | SWX

If you skim through some of the interviews that exist with Dinosaur Jr‘s J. Mascis from over the years, the unassuming, intense, reserved almost mysterious nature of the iconic musician befits the allure of the band. Their reunion perhaps wouldn’t have been as critically successful as it has been had their lead man not been so characteristically different.

Over thirty years, a reformation and four well-received albums of new material since their return, the group have remained a cult highlight with constant yet earnest acclaim. They have been accredited with influencing various modern acts, while perhaps (undeservedly) not remarked upon with the same consistency as Sonic Youth or Nirvana.

It’s perhaps a discredit to the group, because as they will prove when they play SWX this Wednesday, they’ve remained an act not entrapped by what’s currently popular. They’ve simply been doing what they have done for the last three decades and creating an underrated body of work in the process

Support comes in the form of Stephen McBean of Black Mountain, another underrated group who favour artistic merit over commercial success. Dinosaur Jr will show why they remain such an in-demand proposition live, delivering an unrestricted cacophony of noise that’s supremely loud, unabashed and willing to delve into their melodic idiosyncrasies.

See a dog on a skateboard in the video for ‘Tiny’ here: