20th September | Thekla

In 2009, my new college pals introduced me to Dizraeli. I look back on it fondly as my first real experience of clashing genres working harmoniously to make a musical mass of spiritual yet rugged goodness. The past decade has since been filled with Dizraeli’s warm familiarity at gigs and constant appearances on my playlists, as he has journeyed through his developing sounds. There wasn’t a year I didn’t get to the front pit to skank to Dizraeli and the Small Gods at Shambala – always a spectacle.

Since the departure of his much loved band, Dizraeli has spent the past three years immersing himself into the London grime and bass music scene, studying percussion in Senegal, and working with refugees in Calais. Now, we see somewhat of a rebirth for him, following a mental breakdown of which he speaks openly and explores in his new album.

The Unmaster is set to release on 17th September. As his first self-produced album, Dizraeli demonstrates there is no end to the growth in your artistry, as he combines combining hip-hop, grime and West African percussion – no doubt glued together by his poetic flare.

A typical Southern creative, he has spent much time bumping between the urban triangle of Bristol, Brighton and London. Unsurprisingly to me, he has chosen to launch his album with us. Our city has continuously provided the most loving, party-giving family of fans at his gigs. I expect this launch will be much the same and thanked in return by a mind-blowing performance. Join the family and the Dizraeli following for something much more than a bit of music.

See the video for ‘Oi Oi’ here: