25th March | Old Market Assembly

If you’re tired of MC’s who repeatedly tell you their name amidst a tirade about how talented they are, including details of their formidable sex drive then Dizraeli is a refreshing break from any hip-hop mundanely you may be experiencing. Having parted company with his previous band The Small Gods; Dizraeli is currently touring with DJ Downlow to promote his latest EP Leroy Merlin.

Often remarked upon, is the rather really British feel to the songs and how the down-to-earth story telling gives an overwhelming folk vibe without the sounds you’d associate with it. The quick pace, witty and at times surrealist blossom of lyrics that burst to the surface of each track creates a hyper-active ragga feel with a heavy psychedelic backdrop. If Dizraeli’s live performance at the Old Market Assembly is anywhere near as energetic as the recordings, people are in for a treat.

Check out the video for ‘Have A Rum’ below.