Django Django | Live Review


The inertia of Bristol had lifted for the night and an intoxicatingly psychedelic celebration had begun.

It was Thursday night and Bristol was its usual self. I walked past small crowds of people getting smashed because it was just close enough to the weekend to be acceptable, but apart from these eager revellers, it seemed to be an uneventful evening. However, this inertia lasted only until I arrived at the O2 academy for Django Django’s comeback tour.

Although Bristol itself appeared to be sleeping in preparation for a wild weekend ahead, it seems the 02 academy was already thanking god for the weekend as the atmosphere was palpable amongst the dedicated crowd. It was clear that the gig was to be momentous as fans were keenly awaiting the band that had left them hanging for two years.

However, it was well worth the wait, as atmosphere was what Django Django delivered, beginning their set with the gloriously vintage Atari-style rhythm of their introduction, allowing the audience to relax as the band did. With each layer of instrument and harmony the band seemed to galvanise the crowd into dancing, or rather, shuffling enthusiastically, so that as the introduction slowly morphed into ‘Hail Bop’ the concise delivery of the first line ‘always look to the white sky, and lose your head in the clouds’ seemed to devastate the crowd.

Another highlight of the show was not only the introduction of the saxophonist, James Murray, which seemed to lift the psychedelic nature of Django Django’s songs to a different dimension, but the bands concluding number, ‘WOR’. At this point Django Django seemed in their element as the crowd were eating out of their guitar-toting hands. As the insistent rhythm of ‘WOR’ kicked in, the audience dropped to the floor, slowly elevating themselves with each pulsing beat, kicking and screaming themselves into a psychedelic frenzy. As the band left the stage the memory of ‘WOR’ remained, with the audience singing it back to the empty stage to incite the quartet into playing an encore.

As the gig finished the atmosphere was electrifying. Audience members looked to each other with wide, glittering eyes and smiles. As everyone slowly funnelled out of the 02 academy and back to their own lives, it really seemed as though the inertia of Bristol had lifted for the night and an intoxicatingly psychedelic celebration had begun.

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