DMA’S // Live Review & Photoset

5th December | Anson Rooms

Photos: Callum O’Keefe

Although technical difficulties set the schedule back by half an hour, the buzz in the room really was electric for the arrival of DMA’S at Anson Rooms on Wednesday night – the Australian trio whose sound that rock & roll royalty Liam Gallagher has blessed as “biblical”. With a lot to live up to, opener ‘Dawning’ got the night off to a cracking start, with a chipper Tommy O’Dell bouncing around the stage, shaking his maraca and waving hello to the eager crowd.

Kicking off with a string of energetic indie tracks, it was clear to see why the band have been likened to so many classic Britpop artists. Harnessing that trademark sound characterised by so many Mancunian acts, ‘For Now’ and ‘Melbourne’ are in the same vein as The Happy Mondays and The Stone Roses and had the room instantly jumping and chanting along.

Slowing it down with acoustic ballad ‘In The Air’, O’Dell’s distinctive vocals were joined by a few hundred more as the crowd hung on every word. Although a man of little conversation, O’Dell makes for a great front man, holding the mic out to the fans to sing along and swaying right along with them through the slow songs.

He’ll also gallop around stage hyping the crowd up for the rockier tracks, like ‘Warsaw’. A fan favourite from debut album Hills End, ‘Delete’ had the crowd in the palm of O’Dell’s hand as he crooned through dimmed lights, with the acoustic build-up to the last chant-fuelled chorus feeling even more epic in the flesh.

Despite the initial delay, the band racked up an impressive setlist spread across both albums as well as their first EP. ‘Step up The Morphine’, ‘Lazy Love’ and an acoustic, stripped-back version of ‘The End’ all caused a stir with their rousing guitar solos, throughout which O’Dell continued to be pitch-perfect, building up to the big encore.

After the stellar performance so far, we could expect nothing less than for DMA’S to go out with a bang. With a punchy three-song encore that kicked off with ‘Feels Like 37’, the crowd went wild and heaved forward as one large mass one last time for hit ‘Lay Down’ and Oasis-like finale ‘Play It Out’.

We enjoyed an excitingly fresh injection of 90s-inspired indie rock. This tracksuit-clad trio may still be relatively unknown, but that certainly won’t be the case for much longer.

See the video to ‘Time and Money’ here: