26th May | Multi-venue

Joining the likes of The Horrors, Pale Waves, Marika Hackman, Mahalia and Bad Sounds, the Award-winning multi-venue festival, Dot To Dot, have just announced twenty-four new acts to augment an already mouth-watering bill in the city on 26th May.

There’s the potent post-punk of Desperate Journalist, the bummed-out, burst-bubble, bubblegum pop of Peach Pit and the rich blend of R&B, neo-soul, funk and jazz of Ady Suleiman that form the pick of the bunch. Add to them the growl of YOWL and the ‘Millennial Happy Mondays’ vibe of No Hot Ashes and you’re just beginning to appreciate the sumptuous delights that will be on the menu that day.

At the gloriously lucky price of £13 per ticket (can you even get a decent white t-shirt for that price these days?), there’s every reason why you should get your day planned, get your mates involved and bag yourself a bonanza of bands.

There may be plenty of top acts declared, but as the poster tantalisingly states, there are “many more still to be announced.”

You can keep up with developments on Dot To Dot’s Facebook page

Tickets are available here.

Dot To Dot Line-Up