With Dot To Dot just around the corner, next weekend to be exact, the festival has added even more acts, with 80 new artists from the South West joining the line-up.

As a festival always at the forefront for supporting emerging talent, both locally and further afield, this new announcement sees the likes of grunge-rockers Wych Elm, fuzz-pop collective Pet Shimmers, and the sprawling, atmospheric soundscapes of Poisonous Birds join the festivities.

The Bristol Germ, helmed by Lice‘s Alastair Shuttleworth, will also host a suitably eclectic, avant-garde stage with Bad Tracking, The Church Of Lynks Afrikka, Organchrist and many more descending upon The Gryphon. Not to mention the addition of dynamic DIY punks Slagheap, the wonderfully bizarre, vegetable-sporting Gork, and the celestial brilliance of Sarahsson. We could carry on describing all the incredible acts but we’d be here for a good while so we’ll let you witness them for yourselves next weekend instead.

You can see the full announcement below.