Drenge | Preview


“We recorded it across the road from a brothel and a sandwich shop – but we just ate sandwiches”. Humour has always been central to Drenge and their music; this particular line came naturally as one half of the brotherly duo Rory told us about where they recorded their second album a few months back.

Their first album was very much born out of isolation, things have changed since then though, they’ve played Glastonbury, Letterman and Jools Holland. This alteration hasn’t dented the pairs creative process though, their new record slaps and chops its way through intense numbers like ‘We Can Do What We Want’ but again indulges in the slurring emotional side of things as proven with ‘The Woods’.

It’s safe to say they know how to deliver a live show as well – often refraining from onstage chit-chat and just getting on with it. Their last headline show in Bristol was a stormy affair, much like their return is set to be. It’s been too long. Get yourself down to Trinity Centre on the 20th April. Debauchery guaranteed.

Check out ‘We Can Do What We Want’ right here: